Greenland Heli Skiing

The Best Heliskiing in the World!

Come ski the wild terrain of West Greenland with us. 2000 meter runs to the water’s edge in deep powder and corn snow, make this Greenlandic experience, life’s best. We are the first and most experienced heliskiing operation in these Greenlandic fjords. Based 60 kilometers north of Maniitsoq, in the tiny village of Kangaamiut, we live close to the local population and their daily routine . Our little spot seems to be attracting the attention of the international, heliskiing community, and I was happy to contribute to this ongoing process of regulation, and stoked Greenland is using some of my input.  We rent houses from a few of the families, and gather together in the evening for our home cooked meal. We promise: this will be your ultimate heliskiing experience.

Our dates for 2024 are April 4-11, April 11-18, and April 19-26..